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2 Player Ninja Tycoon Auto Collect, Clear Game Roblox Script

3 years ago
2 Player Ninja Tycoon Auto Collect, Clear Game Roblox Script

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About 2 Player Ninja Tycoon:

I was excited about the game as I like playing tycoon games. This one will not be one that I would be playing though. It is way oversimplified, repetitive and honestly – it felt a bit boring.

Here are some of the things that I did not like about it:

You have building placement, but it doesnt matter where you place them as you can move them around afterwards.

You have base defense that kinda looked like a tower defense minigame at first glance but it turned out to be “you have this many ninjas that can climb to this many towers so you kill this many baddies”. As soon as you realize that you just need several towers and not to send any ninjas on missions while you you have the big red RAID line underneath, the enemies do not usually cross even the gate

You have defensive tower placement but it doesnt matter as they have unlimited range and its even better to have them close to the ninjas so that they dont walk too far before they start shooting

You have research but you have no info about what you are researching exactly (training 1, training 2, training 3 etc) and you usually have the resourses to research everything anyway

You have a blacksmith but the stats (+40, +60, +100) do not make sense as you cannot check any statistics anywhere and you also are not able to pick who equips what

You have resourse management but you actaully have plenty to build as much as you want from anything.

You have ninja skill training and you can pick stats to train (damage, agility etc.) but it doesnt matter what you pick as the training is very fast and you have the option just to train all the skills, so as soon you have a new ninja, you usually click
“train all” and thus all your ninjas are maxed out.

You have ninja missions that are divided by type, stats needed etc but the odds are automatically calculated and the stats needed dont matter too much as you usually cover them all with one or two ninjas

Your buildings can become damaged during raids (which is only in the beginning until you realize how easy it is to stop them) but if you save, exit the the game and go into it once again, everything is magically repaired for you.

For the hour and a half that I have played, I have unlocked 27/34 achievements in the game and the game froze 2 times before a raid.

I also hate the tons of advertisements of the other Endless Loop games on the main screen.

This game doesnt feel like a complete game at all – the graphics are ok, but the gameplay feels more like an alpha of something designed to be a mobile game.

I very rarely ask for a refund of a game (and I have not written a negative review on Steam so far), but I will definitely do for this one as although the idea of the game is good, at the state that the game is at, I do not think that it is worth even a fraction of its price.

How to run 2 Player Ninja Tycoon roblox script / Exploit /Code / Hack and cheat

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  4. Enjoy 🙂

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