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About Final Fantasy XIII Pc Game Download Free:

One of the best project or game that Square Enix has worked on is no doubt Final Fantasy trilogy. One of the best and yet unique feature introduced into Final Fantasy XIII free download is the lighting fast paced combats. Players can hit their enemies at lighting speed hitting hundreds of punches with a single combo in full version Final Fantasy XIII download free with single direct link. Crystarium and Paradigm are the two new functprotons enabled in Final Fantasy XIII free download. Which enables players to customize the abilities of characters. The Sanctum has ordered to purge everyone brutally who comes in contact with Pulse. And sadly Pulse is the wrecked and feared world below Cocoon in full version Final Fantasy XII free download.Now get more full unlocked steam games with World of pc

You can also free download Devil May Cry 5 Here. Moreover, players can also roam freely in the vast open world map of Cocoon. In Final Fantasy XII free download PC game. Players in Final Fantasy free download full version players can travel through the open world by foot or by a special legendary bird called Chocobo. And in additproton to Crystarium in full version Final Fantasy free download PC is a unique leveling system based on Six Crystals. And so to conclude, Final Fantasy XIII free download is one of the best game in this trilogy.

So the game itself is great, and really overhated. I played it on the Xbox back in like 2012 and loved it, and I still love it. It honestly also just aged beautifully. The game is from 2009 for Christ’s sake, and look at how good it still looks and feels. People complain about the linearity of a good chunk of the game, but that never bothered me because I found the story really enjoyable. And I love the battle system. It just looks amazing, and is way more strategic than you would think at first, especially once you reach later parts of the game. All in all, I recommend that you give it a fair chance, despite its bad reputation.

However, the port is pretty meh. You’ll be fine at 1080p, but don’t expect to be playing this at a higher resolution than that without constant crashes. You could say “Oh it’s just an old port” but honestly, this was already a bad port when it released. Still, you CAN play it and have great time. Just stick to 1080p.

This was not for me, the incredibly linear corridors and nonsensical story cut me off from this game almost immediately. I realize that the more I play the more I would understand the context but the dull combat, super linear environments that lack detail and nonsense dialogue and character motivations at the beginning of the game eventually just made me give up. I also heavily dislike the level design, items, in game menus for inventaory/skills etc.Probably should not have started final fantasy with 13, so that is my fault. Will revisit once I have learned more about the franchise.

Lightning is a cool character, most of the supporting cast are fun and the story is good. Those are the good parts of the game.But man the gameplay is so damn boring. All you do is libra, then auto-attack and heal till the enemies die. And the enemies DO NOT die because they have like 69 morbillion HP. This is legit the first game where I fell asleep in a boss fight. The levels are also extremely linear. There are 13 chapters and the area only opens up in chapter 11. The rest of the time you are literally walking down a single hallway.

Final Fantasy XIII Pc Game pre-installed:

And on top of all this, the PC port is a big mess. For starters, there isn’t even a quit button. There is a ton of stuttering and the game seems to be locked at 30 fps even though the cutscenes play at 60. The audio is also terribly balanced. Most of the time, you can’t hear dialogue properly and there’s no way to change volumes separately. In fact, there are almost no settings to change at all. Square Enix is known for terrible PC ports but this is next level.Such a shame that the game sucks this much when it could’ve been so much better. I’m gonna play the sequel but I am not looking forward to it if it’s the same as this one.

Ignore the hours played, I beat this game back when it was new and had a weird nostalgic need to replay it recently. This is a kind of confused game. It was intended to be the prologue for a decade-long game series, but drops you off right in the middle without explaining anything. It has a great, dynamic combat system, but you don’t have control over large parts of it. Almost the entire game is a tutorial for itself, except it kind of forgets to have a game after it. There is a beautiful and deep world, but you only get to really explore it in the last quarter. For all the time spent teaching you to play the game, there’s still dozens of deep and important mechanics that are completely hidden.

There are 13 chapters in this game. You can customize your party starting in 10. Between 10 and 11 you’ve got to grind up to beat the rest of the game without the structure of the plot, right as it starts to make sense (for a JRPG measure of making sense).In the end, if this wasn’t a Final Fantasy game no one would have cared. But it’s an FF game, so it’s highly competent and well polished. If you really, really want to play it, look at a guide to understand all the mechanics that the game neglects to tell you about and fails to demonstrate in the hours of tutorial.


Final Fantasy XII PC Game Features:

  • Outstanding Open World
  • Graphics Beyond Imaginatproton
  • And Beautiful Characters
  • And Much More You Can Discover
Please Follow The Below Steps To Fix Errors

Errors Of Cut-Scenes Fix

  1. Go To Final Fantasy XIII Folder
  2. You Will See Three Folders Ori, Movies, White Data
  3. Right Click On Movies Folder And Cut It And Paste It In White Data

1 :: Operating System :: Windows 7/8.1/10
2 :: Processor: Intel Core i3-5200/AMD or better
3 :: Ram :: 4 GB RAM
4 :: DirectX: Version 11
5 :: Graphics:: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650/AMD Radeon HD 7970
6 :: Space Storage:: 60 GB space

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