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7 years ago
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About Max Payne 1 Pc Game Download Free:

Being the very first installment in the Max Payne video game trilogy, Max Payne 1 free download game features and delivers some unique and innovative functprotons and gameplay style. Basically the plot and storyline of Max Payne free download revolves quite around stealth and assassinatproton attribute. The main protagonist is Max Payne who is a NYPD honest police officer. Players will have to avenge the murder of main protagonist’s family in Max Payne download free with single direct link. To progress in the game, players must use the most successful strategy, which is to roam in the game silently and eliminate foes using stealth abilities. Now get more full unlocked steam games with World of pc

The antagonists and villains in Max Payne game free download are taken from the Norse mythology especially the antagonist Ragnarok and The Matrix. Players will be controlling Max Payne from third person perspective view however, players can zoom in and out the camera accordingly. There are precisely ten more characters that are of great importance in Max Payne free download. You can also download other similar Open World Map Games Here. Android and iOS users are not left aside, as Max Payne 1 game is also released for mobile platform users yet with some twists in the plot and storyline. Conclusively in a nutshell, this is indeed one of the best old school stealth action games.

Like most Rock Star games, criminals figure prominently. For once Rock Star gives us a “good” guy to play. Relatively good. He is a security expert protecting the rich and powerful. As usual Rock Star uses genre cliches to flesh out their character and story: the good guy who has seen so much evil that his world-view has become jaded. Unfortunately this game lacks the usual humor found in the GTA games. Unless bitter middle-aged security guards are funny.

But this is no GTA game. With this game Rock Star seems to be going for a cinematic-movie ambiance, with lots of dramatic angles and cuts. The voice acting may be a bit melodramatic, but generally up to their usual high standard. Missing is the driving, the open world, the humor. Luckily they didn’t leave out the violence. The gun-play is stellar and quite fun.Max Payne 3 is good, great even, but I don’t think the game reaches the same heights as Max Payne 2. Let’s get all the negatives out of the way first.

While the world certainly has much more detail than Max Payne 2, it is VERY linear. A majority of the missions revolve around killing people in corridors. The characters that I praised in the first 2 games aren’t here, thugs you encounter don’t have conversations like they did in the other 2 games, and before you say “they do that in Brazilian”, the game never stops reminding you that Max doesn’t speak Portugese. As someone who also obviously doesn’t speak Portugese I can certainly relate, which I guess can help with immersing the player, but the game loses so much of its charm because of this one decision alone. You also lose all the interactivity found in previous games.

You don’t find painkillers in cabinets you need to open first or stashed on top some boxes high up that you need to shoot to get them down. Max doesn’t really interact with anything but like a dozen buttons and some “clues” for the entire story. There are TVs in this game like there were previously, but they’re all kinda hidden away and you’re never presented with a choice to go back a single room. The game lacks levity, it’s just dark themes one after the next, Max is less sarcastic and talks more like a character out of Kane and Lynch or Rogue Warrior. The story is pretty good, but again without the levity it’s just darker and darker themes over and over until the end where Max just walks into the sunset.

Max Payne 1 Pc Game pre-installed:

I think they could have pulled something like Spec Ops: The Line, but instead it feels like they retconned a lot of what happened in Max Payne 2 to tell a very strict and linear Rockstar-flavored story. There are also tons of contrivances with the writing and if you’re paying any attention to the story, you’ll probably be able to call the “twist” a few missions in.With all that out of the way, it’s time to get on with the positives. The gameplay is BUTTERY with a mouse and keyboard. Everything is systems driven and relies heavily on accuracy. The first games always had some degree of inaccuracy, but it fit the first game very well.

The second game improved on accuracy by letting Max headshot enemies and this installment triples down on the fact. All guns are extremely lethal with great accuracy letting the player get into some crazy moments. It’s extremely fun to dive around the corner and nail 6 dudes in the head with a 9mm. The euphoria system employed in this game is awesome, even if enemies are in cover you can likely destroy it and shoot them in some limb resulting them in falling over and clutching the wound, allowing you to pull off a slick headshot. The euphoria system also applies to the player and lets you do dumb stuff like sliding down an escalator while shooting 2 full auto glocks.

So closing thoughts, the game is amazing from the gameplay perspective with a keyboard and mouse. The aiming is smooth, the shooting is impactful and bullet time ties it all together so you feel like John Wick pulling it off. The graphics are very well aged for a 10 year old game and while the world doesn’t have the interactivity or the freedom of its older siblings I still think this game is a ton of fun. I had 0 technical issues running this game on the same system I played Max Payne 1 and 2 on, and just like those two games I think everyone with a passing interest in this game should play it.


Max Payne Free Download Features:

  • Outstanding Stealth And Actproton
  • Best Plot And Antagonists
  • Several More Installments Released
  • And Much More You Can Discover

1 :: Operating System :: Windows 7/8.1/10
2 :: Processor: Intel Pentium 4/AMD or better
3 :: Ram :: 1 GB RAM
4 :: DirectX: Version 09
5 :: Graphics:: Intel HD Graphics
6 :: Space Storage:: 700 MB space

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